Removals and Adds
Caroline / Kylie
Caroline Lee Rabkin
17 year old female who ewhores around in discord.gg/pretty.
Was swatted by current pretty member Kenzie in which her dog was killed
Current victimizers include: Cain, Poodle, Dritan (IRL)
PuppyAri / Arielle
Arielle A. Roney
20 year old ewhore who has been victimed by 20+ eboys.
These Eboys not only extend to: Ruben, Imran, Poodle, Mourn, Pabble, Debug, East.
Hour long esex leaked on telegram after esexing Utah/Bantos
Has mostly esexed men over 18 very few being under
Went from fucking herself with a hairbrush to using a Nora
Brooke/Carpet Squirter
Brooke Kennedy
This females career began on roxbot where she esexed someone and they leaked dms
Some of these dms include mentioning she squirted on her carpet
This female also said a lovense would get her pregnant
Lajla Cufurovic
Lajla is a well known ewhore from 2021 to Early 2023 (We have lost contact as of then)
She loved to esex the entirity of com, started out with the hairbrush and later moved to lovenses.
Caroleena Boutchyard / Leena
17 year old white female who stared off packing later turned her career into OSINTing and being a ewhore for doxbin eboys
Later on in Caroleena's career she would Social Engineer sleepthegod and outed him for being a pedophile
17 year old black female who likes to not only whore around in random com servers but also likes to hop from male to male in friend groups.
She likes to give any male attention and will send nudes within the first day of meeting
Current victimizers are: Kash, Dan, Kai, Max, Joseph, & xan
Alyssa Luliano
Starting her famous career in roblox and messing with the extortion group 764.
To selling her body (Cam Shows) to doxbin and simswappers online.
Finally ended up edating awpy and using her lovenses to pleasure him.
Michelle Madison Serrano Pereira
Her career on discord and telegram began when she was 12/13
She began her age regression fantasy and esexing guys while on cam
Infamous on telegram for using a pacifier and a knife but used her hairbrush the most
Rylee Stookey
18 pushing 19 washed girl from belonging to Javin Dillon to Javin passing his leftovers to Dritan where Rylee & Dritan now cheat on eachother for fun.
Fucked Anth in a Nissan now she resides in /oki flexing her $1k compensation she gets from getting cucked.
Isobel Hartley
This female is more on the wild side, she fucked her dog.
and is also well known for using her hairbrush and cutting for eboys.
Kylah Mckenna
Occupation: Onlyfans Carding Slave.(Onlyfans Log Users)
Passed around the community before settling down and dating Gavin Surfing (Justin Active's Partner in crime)
Jada S
Occupation: Stereotypical Black Egirl (Has had moaning audio leaked)
Dickrode Entity Chat to make her own telegram group and fell off
Mo Piano
Mohammed Alamanni
Larps with a fake exodus and likes getting pegged by egirls
that he meets off Roblox and Minecraft comm Loves to do his shitty raps and acts like a show off when he gets handouts from out righteously begging people nonstop from the comm